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Brain Tickling Programs :

Our school organizes brain-tickling programs that challenge students to think critically and creatively. These programs include quizzes, debates, puzzle-solving competitions, and academic challenges aimed at enhancing cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.

Leadership Development :

We believe in nurturing leaders of tomorrow. Various programs and workshops are conducted to develop leadership qualities among students. Through mentoring, group activities, and responsibilities, we empower students to become confident and responsible leaders.

Activity-Based Education :

Learning goes beyond textbooks. We emphasize activity-based education, incorporating hands-on learning experiences into the curriculum. Practical activities and projects engage students, making learning more interactive and impactful.

Arts & Crafts :

The school encourages artistic expression through arts and crafts. Students explore their creativity through drawing, painting, sculpture, and other forms of artistic endeavors, fostering imagination and fine motor skills.

Yoga :

Promoting physical and mental well-being, yoga classes are offered to students. Yoga sessions help in improving concentration, reducing stress, and enhancing overall health, enabling students to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Dance & Music :

The school provides platforms for students to explore their talents in dance and music. Dance classes encompass various forms like classical, contemporary, and folk, while music lessons cover vocal and instrumental training, allowing students to showcase their artistic abilities.

Karate :

Martial arts classes such as karate instill discipline, self-defense techniques, and physical fitness. These classes not only develop self-confidence but also teach students the importance of focus and control.

Indoor Games :

Indoor games like chess, table tennis, and board games are offered to students, promoting strategic thinking, concentration, and sportsmanship in a relaxed indoor setting.

Outdoor Games :

The school encourages outdoor activities such as football, basketball, athletics, and other sports. These activities foster teamwork, physical fitness, and competitive spirit while allowing students to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and physical exercise.